Well I definitely can't put myself in a box, but here's for starters. I'm an optimistic, spontaneous musician and I am 21 years young. Wisconsinite. I sing in a band with my brothers. I'm a culinary arts student. I am open minded, I coexist, I support diversity. I see things and understand them. I'm not out to prove anything to anyone, I am always under construction, yo. This blog is my way of trying to sum up myself in words and pictures. Always in love. Forever a dreamer. Forever chasing my dreams, and always living louder!

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For those of you that are saying things like that, I just got done with high school in June. I’m telling you now, you have got to do everything that you wanted to do, whether its your senior year or sophomore year, or whatever.
I didn’t make anything of myself until just this year, but I did a lot.

I joined a show choir, did a musical, went to California with my show choir, and got a superior rating, landed 4th place in a talent show, and it was worth while. If I didn’t pick myself up and do all of that, I would be disappointed in myself. All it takes is a little effort.
Yes, all of my accomplishments have to do with music, but whatever you love, pursue the hell out of it in high school and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not practical, because even if it’s not, when you come as far as you aim, people will still be proud of you.

Make the most of your time in high school because it is fucking short.

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